Azure Blueprint for Sitecore FAQ


Azure Blueprint for Sitecore currenly supports Sitecore 8.2.x.

Sitecore 9.1 will be supported from its release date.

As Blueprint supports deploying Azure VMs into the topology, all Sitecore modules can be supported.

Azure Blueprint

Azure Blueprint can currently deploy to Azure datacenters in the Global Azure Cloud, Azure Germany and Azure China (Mooncake). While this enables coverage in more than 40 regions, Copenhagen Mist do recommend a few “favorite” and well-tested locations. Contact us for more information.

You don’t. All infrastructure is fully managed by Copenhagen Mist. No need to worry about sizing, access and upgrades and so on. All you need to focus on is the application development, and we’ll ensure it is delivered and available to end users globally.

The updating capability is the most important feature of Azure Blueprint.

In a traditional infrastructure setting, a solution is deployed into a predefined infrastructure environment. Then it basically remains untouched for the remainder of the solution’s lifetime. With Azure PaaS, the fundamental conditions are different, and this opens new opportunities. The services the infrastructure is based on, are constantly expanded and improved. These ranges from new dashboards and monitoring points, to introduction of new VM types, which superseed older ones with better performance at the same price, to security features and much, much more.

As a Blueprint customer the end result is that you are always running on the best available services, making the most of the cloud without even having to intervene.

While the architecture and deployment Blueprint generates is by its very nature transparently available, Azure Blueprint is based on a wide range of proprierary technologies and practices developed by Copenhagen Mist.

Deployment & Integration

Once the infrastructure is in place for the relevant environments, there are multiple options for deploying code an data onto it. Our recommendation is to use Octopus Deploy and Webdeploy packages, but will help each customer evaluate which tools are best suited for the existing scenario.

Absolutely. The arcitecure of Azure blueprint is designed to be extended with e.g. Additional VMs and other roles. These are automatically integrated into Blueprint’s network and security architecture.

Contact out team for details and solutions matching your specific needs.

General Questions

At the moment Azure Blueprint is only available packaged with the Azure subscriptions provided by Copenhagen Mist.

Each customer is deployed onto a dedicated, and fully isolated Azure AD tenant, so from a security and segregation perspectiive it is fully on par with a seperate EA deployment. The tenant is effective owned by the customer, and the customer have full control to migrate the tenant to other providers.

Unfortunately no. For this you need inhouse development or a Sitecore solution partner. Copenhagen Mist are Sitecore Partners, but we do only deal with the Azure Infrastructure associated with a successful Sitecore Cloud deployment