Azure Blueprint for Sitecore

Managed Reference Architecture for Secure Scalable Sitecore Azure Environments

Azure Blueprint for Sitecore

A comprehensive, subscription based infrastructure framework developed to deliver complete, best-practice matured and managed Azure environments for Sitecore solutions.

By managing and delivering the Blueprint as a service, Copenhagen Mist can provide a fully enriched foundation which is automatically maintained and updated over the solution’s entire lifecycle.

Try out the online estimation tool and get an instant cost overview of your desired Azure Blueprint deployment

Planet Scale

Boost performance

Scale out to high peak loads on demand
Distribute across nodes around the Globe
CDN & Global load balancing included

Global Reach

Extend into China with CDN or Delivery node
Available for Azure Global, Germany & China



Web Application Firewall providing OWASP CRS 3.0 prevention
Backup and Disaster recovery
Security center
Hardware stored encryption keys
Key rotation built in
DDOS Protection
Tiered network isolation
Pervasive encryption


PCI DSS, ISO27001 & GDPR compliant infrastructure and governance
Full audit trail for system events
Security & access roles predefined and managed with privileged access control

Azure Blueprint for Sitecore implements Microsoft's Best Practices for Azure security

Managed Reference Architecture

Fast to production

Fully configured solution available from day one
Instant topology cost estimates

Improves and evolves over time

Infrastructure as a Framework. Monthly feature additions rolled onto all active environments as they are available on Azure
Solutions deployed on Blueprint for Sitecore gets better and stronger over time, not the opposite

Intelligent cost planning and continuous optimization

Dynamic ressource autoscaling. Suggests scaling down under-utilized resources, scales out when sudden load spikes appear
Ressource cost estimate available directly in the solution

Want to learn how a Managed Reference Architecture can protect your Sitecore investment?

Business Critical

When every second of availability matters

Azure Blueprint for Sitecore is available in Business Critical configuration offering high levels of resilience through intelligent usage of redundant resources throughout the infrastructure stack.

When deployed with the Business Critical option the system resources are spread redundantly across availability zones, which are separately powered, connected and cooled datacenters, as well as across fault and update domain. The result is a compound system availability well above five nines.

Feature Rich

Feature rich preconfigured solution

Sitecore Publishing Service
Application insights, monitoring & extensive logging
Alerting rules & Dashboards


High availability design with 99,99%+ availability SLA
24/7 support available

Need more detail?

How Azure Blueprint stacks up

Azure Blueprint for Sitecore is richly configured right out of the box. This saves your project time, reduces risk and ensures your deployment makes the most of the cloud from day one.

Azure Blueprint for Sitecore
Sitecore ARM deployment
Sitecore Managed Cloud Standard
Sitecore Managed Cloud Premium
Hyperscale Global Deployments
Distribute traffic across multiple locations
Deploy to Azure China
Linear Scalability
Scale out to handle any number of visitors
DDOS protection
Tiered Network Isolation
Onprem VPN connectivity
Application Insights
Keyvault Integration
Hardware encrypted storage of passwords, certificates, connectionstrings
Publishing Service
Failover CM location
Solr Cluster
Environment upgrade path
Monthly platform updates and optimization of live environments
24/7 support available
Azure consumption cost
400 € monthly fee pr production node.

Azure consumption cost

Azure consumption cost
+100% monthly fee

Azure consumption cost
+monthly fee

Available now

Azure Blueprint for Sitecore is available in Prod and non-Prod configurations for Sitecore 8.x and Sitecore 9.x, with full support for CM, CD, xDB, EXM and Sitecore Commerce roles. Contact us to learn more.


Fully loaded, secure, compliant and managed Azure environment for your Sitecore Solution

Blueprint CD

€400 /month

  • 1 Prod Node
  • No Additional Production Nodes
  • Non-Prod Node
  • No Additional Non-Prod Node
  • CD Node
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -
  • -

€950 /month

  • 2 Prod Nodes
  • €400 Additional Prod Node
  • 2 Non-Prod Nodes
  • €150 Additional Non-Prod Node
  • CD Nodes
  • CM Nodes
  • Commerce Nodes
  • xDB Node
  • -
  • -
Blueprint Enterprise

€2950 /month

  • 5 Prod Nodes
  • €400 Additional Prod Node
  • 5 Non-Prod Nodes
  • €150 Additional Non-Prod Node
  • CD Nodes
  • CM Nodes
  • Commerce Nodes
  • xDB Node
  • Available for EA
  • 24/7 Support
Bite me

Please note Blueprint for Sitecore subscription rates do not include the Azure resource consumption invoked by the solution

Blueprint for Sitecore is also available for Sitecore Partners, Sitecore Hosting Partners and Azure Enterprise Agreement Customers. Contact us for more information.

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