Azure Blueprint for Sitecore

Release 2018-6 (Planned)

  • Added SQL Azure autoscale logic
  • Added automated Certificate rotation via Azure Keyvault
  • Added automated key rotation via Azure Keyvault

Release 2018-5

  • Added Sitecore user management to AAD for centralised governance and management
  • Added Solr Scaleset module
  • Added support for webapp network isolation through App Service Environments
  • Added Sitecore CM failover node

Release 2018-4

  • Added Sitecore 9 Support
  • Moved secrets (passwords, certificates, license files) to hardware encrypted Keyvault
  • Added AAD Domain services to enable full centralised access management for VMs
  • Added backup and restore foundation for VMs
  • Added global VNET peering
  • Added Sitecore publising purge and push update support to CDN
  • Additional dashboards added

Release 2018-3

  • Added Sitecore Publishing Service
  • Added deploying Sitecore CDs to China
  • Added Redis Cache to Sitecore CD deployments
  • Added Webapp Autoscale logic
  • Added Webapps backup & restore
  • End-to-end SSL
  • Support for multiple failover scenarios added

Release 2018-2

  • Initial public release
  • Added CDN with full SSL support for Sitecore CD and CM nodes
  • Added Web Application Firewall with OWASP support
  • Added Preconfigured Application Insights into Sitecore CD and CM nodes
  • Added endpoint monitoring & Alerts
  • Added support for Azure CDN in China
  • Network isolation throughout the deployment
  • Added optional on-prem VPN connectivity